There are plenty of wedding party traditions that you can follow should you be getting married in Panama. Some examples are religious elements, traditional when compared with cuisine, and also other fun persuits.

Religious Elements

Many Latin American lovers get married in a Catholic church. However , you can also marry in several other venues, like haciendas, historical sites, museums, and gardens.

Drink and food

In Panama, weddings often have a reception after the wedding. Guests will be invited to eat traditional foods and dance to live music. That is a great way to enjoy the lifestyle and make your friends feel in the home.

Usually, the bride and groom are given gifts during their marriage ceremony. Place be metallic or gold coins. These are thought to symbolize the groom’s responsibility to provide pertaining to his woman and to be considered a good guy.

Place be a part of a wider cultural exchange and bring luck to the new couple.

Grooms Give Fresh Bride 13 Coins

You Small country in panama tradition is that the bridegroom presents the newest bride with 13 numismatic coins. These gold coins are thought to represent the groom’s resolve to support his bride and bring her luck.

They are given in a package during the marriage ceremony and are generally decorated with ornate extras.


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